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The mission of the Intercultural Dance Alliance (IDA) is to preserve, strengthen, and celebrate culturally diverse dance forms through presentation and education, as well as provide support and employment for dancers.

The vision of IDA is to celebrate the richness of life through presentation and facilitate teaching of cultural dance heritage.


What We Do
The Intercultural Dance Alliance is a multicultural performance theater, dance studio, and research center that teaches participants about culturally diverse forms of dance. This center offers services in four formats: dance performances, dance classes, internship programs and a dance performance library.

Multicultural performances provide opportunities for dancers from traditions and cultures around the world to actively use, thus keeping alive, cultural dance heritage that has been passed down for many generations. In addition, the viewers of the performances are able to experience a world perspective of dance and culture, and enter a timeless experience that allows them to appreciate other cultures as well as their own. These two combined experiences contribute to the wellbeing and sustainability of cultures worldwide, create joy and serve as an anchor and sense of identify for both individuals and communities.

Cultural dance classes allow dancers to not only gain professional training, but also a direct experience of a culture, either their own or anothers, by participating in the instruction of a traditional dance art. Dance classes also offer the community physical fitness opportunities which improve health and facilitates interaction between people of different cultures, leading to further cultural awareness and alliance.




Keeping Dance Alive

The preservation of cultural dance heritage is critical. The article below describes the use of a talented robot to preserve Japan's Folk Arts. The dancing robot is a wonderful solution to preserving cultural arts traditions that are at risk for being forgotten. The article also demonstrates the dire need for current and future generations to learn, use, retain and hand down the precious cultural dance arts that each culture has carefully developed.

Photo in the News: Dancing Robot to Preserve Japan's Folk Arts




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Intercultural Dance Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity.